Full lapidary class - up to instructor level

Gemstone cutting at the Lapidary Training Centre in Dar es Salaam.

This 10 week gemstone cutting class introduces you to the cutting and polishing techniques of gemstones. Different from a two week class is that you will have more time to practice and theory will go into mutch more detail. A professionally equipped lapidary workshop is at your disposal. We work on Ultra-Tec V5 digital faceting machines, different types of cabbing machines, gemsaw, and foredoom flex shaft motor as well as with free form carving tools.

An introduction to geology, grading, evaluation, orientation and the proper handling of gems before and after cutting is part of the training. The techniques for grading of rough relating to inclusions and optical properties, the calculation of correct faceting angles as well as bruting will be demonstrated and practiced. You will cut yourself a series of faceted gemstones, cabochons and free-form shapes. You will start with the classic brilliant cut and progress to modern facet designs in different shapes and sizes. Shapes like square, triangle, rectangle, oval, heart just to mention a few will be part of your exercise.

A well trained and experienced instructor will guide you to successful precision cutting to achieve maximum brilliance and beauty. The participants will be familiar with the correct tool manipulation and will be briefed in detail on security measures relating to gemstone cutting. The safe operation of all machines will be addressed properly and a complete documentation will be handed out during class. A certificate will be provided to each successful student.

All stones required for the class will be provided.

  • garnet
  • citrine
  • amethyst
  • aquamarine
  • scapolite
  • zircon
  • rock crystal
  • ruby zoisite
  • corundum (ruby and sapphire)
  • tourmaline
  • amazonite
  • iolite
  • sunstone
  • moonstone
  • opal
  • kyanite, etc...

You may bring your own preferred rough stones as well. All stones cut during this class are yours to keep.

After the 10 week class, it is possible to make reservation of the lapidary class room, to cut more stones for your first customers. Our instructor will assist you if you have any questions. A completely equipped lapidary workshop is at your disposal.

The class starts at 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour break at lunchtime.
Lunch is not included, but it can be organized.
Class fee for 10 weeks of training is US$ 1'250.-

Class registration

Gemstones cut by my students

Have a look into the class room with a faceting class under way 2019.

Nothing compares to the thrill of introducing students to new concepts and watch them reaching new dimensions and discoveries.

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