Mines & minerals

Orbe river, Switzerland
Gold washing in Orbe river. We found some gold, beautiful swiss jade and even a few dark sapphires.
Umba miners on the way to the sapphire pits Umba Valley, Tanzania
Guiding a group of students to the alluvial deposit of Umba where we found: Sapphire, Ruby, Garnet, Turmalin, Spinell and Zircon. In collaboration with the local miners.
Tremolite in marble near Morogoro Morogoro, Tanzania
Visit of different mines, where we found: Spinel, Ruby, Sunstone, Scapolite, Danburite, Tremolite and Turmalin. In collaboration with the local miners.
Noreen Masaki at historic gem cutting workshop Idar-Oberstein, Germany
Visit of a historical gem cutting workshop. This workshop was installed before the invention of electricity and still operates with direct water power. The water wheel even powers a small generator for the light.
Adular crystal from the Swiss Alps Swiss Alps
Visit of a rock crystal deposit, together with crystal specimen collectors. Here where we found: Adular and Quartz with chlorite inclusions.

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Noreen Masaki in Tuscon at the Gem and Mineral Show Tucson Gem and Mineral Show USA
Representing Tanzania during the biggest gem and mineral show in the world.

Mines & minerals

Copyright photos by Noreen Masaki