Gemology class

Gemstone identification at the Lapidary Training Centre in Dar es Salaam.

During this one week training you will gain the skills to identifiy gemstones and minerals.

The course has been designed to introduce you to the theoretical basis and practical gemmological skills for the examination and proper identification of gemstones, their imitations and synthetics.

With the benefit of limited class size and personalised instruction, students quickly develop highly valued skills in gemstone identification when they study at the Lapidary Training Centre. It takes you only one week to acquire the skills and recognition of a fully qualified professional.

Frequently students translate the ties made during classes into rewarding business collaborations. There is no better place than the Lapidary Training Centre for making contacts and finding valuable business associates. The certificate from the Lapidary Training Centre is a symbol of your integrity and expertise, your key to a successful career.

Course content

  • Diamonds and their grading criteria
  • Gemstone varieties, occurrences
  • Gemstone identification using physical and optical properties
  • Proper handling of instruments
  • Correct interpretation of readout
  • Imitations and synthetic stones
  • Colored stone grading and pricing criteria
  • Faceting/cutting and value adding criteria
  • Marketing

The class starts at 9am to 4pm with 1 hour break at lunchtime.
Lunch is not included but can be organized.
Class fee for one week is US$ 300.-

Class registration

Gemmology class participants

Nothing compares to the thrill of introducing students to new concepts and watch them reaching new dimensions and discoveries.

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