Jewelry classes

Jewelry manufacturing at the Lapidary Training Centre in Dar es Salaam.

In this one week you will learn the basic jewelry manufacturing techniques including: forging, foldforming, rolling, riverting, bending, texture, sanding and polishing. It is possible that you bring the gemstones you have cut in the previous class and integrate them in your creation. So you will lean also how to set and securely attach gems in you jewelry. A completely equipped workshop is at your disposal. Our competent and experienced instructor will teach you step by step to realize two or more projects.

After this 1 week class, it is possible to make reservation of the class room to practice your freshly aquired skills. Our instructor will assist you if you have any questions.

The class starts at 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour break at lunchtime.
Lunch is not included but can be organized.
Class fee for 1 week of training is US$ 325.-

Class registration

The jewelry maufactured at the workshop by our students - 2019

The jewelry made during the 3rd class - 2018

The participants and the jewelry made during the 2nd class

The participants and the jewelry made during the 1st class

Nothing compares to the thrill of introducing students to new concepts and watch them reaching new dimensions and discoveries.

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Copyright photos by Noreen Masaki