Kazi ya uchongaji

Ninakata kwa uzuri.

Mbinu za kukata faceti mbinuko na mbonyeo "concave"

Amethyst 7.00ct
concave cut

Take faceting one step further with the concave faceting technique.

Citrine 9.85ct
concave cut

Multi-axis precision and repeatability at your control enabling a true lapidary art.

The ultimate in inovative faceting with the ULTRA TEC FANTASY MACHINE
...your imagination and your creativity is unlimited.

You can generate forms of impressive intricacy -- or works of intriguing simplicity -- bringing you the satisfaction of artistic accomplishment.

This system is for the experienced faceter who wants to move on to the challenge of fantasy designs.

Noreen Masaki
concave faceting

Citrine 15.57ct
concave cut

Rock crystal 5.72ct
concave cut

befor re-cutting         &         after re-cutting
Citrine 15.75ct                     Citrine 15.57ct
                                            concave cut

befor re-cutting         &         after re-cutting
Topaz 61.93 ct                       Topaz 56.14 ct
Step cut                                      concave cut

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