Briefcase with gemological instruments
to identifiy rough and faceted gemstones.

1 Refractometer with integrated light source CHF367.-
1 Anderson liquid CHF65.-
1 Scale 750 x 0.05 ct / 150 x 0.01 gr CHF29.-
1 Hydrostatic equipment CHF40.-
1 Pocket Polariscope with lightsource CHF59.-
1 Darkfield loupe corrected CHF59.-
1 Dichroscope CHF107.-
1 Loupe 10x corrected aplanatic + chromatic CHF34.-
1 Gemstone Tweezer with lock CHF10.-
1 Diamond tester CHF88.-
1 Emerald - Jadeite - Chelsafilter CHF61.-
1 Spectroscope with prism and fixed slit CHF154.-
1 Briefcase 29 x 35 x 4 cm CHF70.-
1 Blue Chart - tables of gemstone identification (edition 2015) CHF58.-
Total CHF1'201.-

This image does not correspond in all details with the described instruments.

Matukio yajayo
Madini & migodi
Kazi zangu
Sifa zangu

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