ya Noreen Masaki

  • 2005 Lapidary Certificate - by The Southern and Eastern African Mineral Centre (SEAMIC) & FREE-FORM Artists.
  • 2006 Gemmology Certificate - by SEAMIC
  • 2006 Lapidary Instructor Certificate - by SEAMIC & FREE-FORM Artists.
  • 2009 Bachelor of Commerce by Open University of Tanzania (OUT).
  • 2012 Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Open University of Tanzania (OUT)
  • 2012 Jewelry Manufacturing Certificate - by FREE-FORM Artists.
  • 2013 Accredited Jewelry Professional - by Gemmological Istitute of America (GIA)


  • 2006 - 2012 Employed in the function of lapidary Instructor at SEAMIC as full time activity.
  • 2008 - 2012 Responsible for the lapidary classroom at SEAMIC as full time activity.
  • 2011 - 2012 Guide to mining areas for SEAMIC students.
  • 2012 Visit of several Mineral or Jewelry shows (Tucson USA / Basel World, Lausanne and Luzern in Switzerland)
  • 2012 Accomplished intensive classes in jewelry manufacturing at FREE-FORM Artists.
  • 2012 Visit of a historical water powered cutting workshop in Idar Oberstein, Germany.
  • 2012 Founded the "Lapidary Training Centre" in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania on September.
  • 2013 Exploration of new gemstone mines in Tanzania.
  • 2013 Visit of a modern diamond cutting workshop in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • 2014 Exploration of an alluvial Jade deposits in Switzerland.
  • 2014 Goldwashing experience at the Orbe river in Switzerland.
  • 2015 Visit of St. Marie-aux-mines mineral show in France.
  • 2016 Visit of the Munich Mineral Show in Germany.
  • 2017 Training of lapidary instructors at VETA Shinyanga.
  • 2018 Exploration of the concave faceting technique on the Ultra-Tec fantasy machine.
  • 2019 Concept and realisation of a 10 week lapidary instructor class in Dar-es-Salaam.
  • 2019 Collaboration with SIFODI Association and Dr. Denis Mukwebe foundation.

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